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Standing underneath
All that i can see
Are Polaroids hanging on your wall
Some you took of me
Scattered in between
First you take your aim
Put it in a frame
You write the date and forget the names
I don't wanna be
Just another piece
All you need
Are Faded memories hung in galleries
No, no release
You Love them then you leave them hanging on
I see Every part of you
Taking over me
All, All I'll be
Is just another headshot you keep
I have been a shrine inside these halls
Your broken heart museum
Another picture on the wall
I you know that I could be your world
Could be the one you're needing
The only picture on your wall
Trouble tryna sleep
It's too hard to breathe
These photographs
Burning in my mind
Let me go
I can't rest in peace (rest in peace)
I wish somebody would come rescue me
This room feels empty
These faces envy
What we've got
What the never had
Snap shots
Of a broken past
Oh you're worth it
Picture perfect
You and me
Let em all see
It's You and me
Hanging like a masterpiece


from Last Call, released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


MRKTS San Diego, California

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