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All this All this
All this silver and gold
it don't mean much round here
We don't need much round here
Diamonds Diamonds
And precious metals
We're never worth our fears
Can't buy the time that we're living on
I've been broken
I've been saved
I've gone up to heaven
Never went up past heaven's gates
I've met demons
I've met saints
I've had prized possessions
I've had hell to pay
We were young
We were young
We were unforgiven
Did it all
Did it
We did it our way
Never lost
Never wrong
Cuz I had you with me
Here we are stained & scarred
From our best days
one day one day
We'll all look back and laugh
Call it our wasted years
Blowing up smoke in the rearview mirror
Until that day
We'll run, we'll break, we'll chase our shadows
We don't have much round here
Making it up as we go along
Call us dropout heroes
We're still here tho
Calloused hearts and egos
We made it here alone
Our own way


from Last Call, released October 30, 2015



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MRKTS San Diego, California

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