Last Call


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released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


MRKTS San Diego, California

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Track Name: Lay Me Back Down
I found your secrets
let me take them off
I know your weakness
let me break it off
I wanna breathe
You gotta see
It doesn’t mean that it won’t
last forever
I gotta find a way
to find your love

I’ll run thru
The walls around your heart
keep me from you
Come on!
Come on!

Take me
Lay me back down
Round and around
we go now
Lay me back down
Round and around
we go

Hold up your arms
and let me take you down
Show me your scars
don’t let em make a sound
You wanna leave
Leave them with me
It doesn’t mean that it
wont last forever
I'm gonna find a way to
find your love


Grip as you pull
don’t you let it go
Just keep holding on
I know you’re close
so close
If you need to
let go,
I’m holding on
Track Name: Faded
Haven’t heard from you
Never loved me anyway
Kept me under you
I over loved you anyway

This state & this city’s
Driving me insane
You go
And leave me Faded

Now we raise
Now we raise our glasses
To the sky
For the ones that made us stronger
Let us break
Let us break these glasses
Here’s a toast
To the ones that left us Faded

Haven’t heard from you
Who’d you run off to this time
When he’s over you
Do I even cross your mind

Cant see
Wont leave
Cut me off
Too intoxicated by her love
Not Enough, Had enough
Pour just a little
It’s too late, this date
Said it all
She’s the prosecutor and the judge
Im not enough, I've had enough now...
Track Name: Empire
All this All this
All this silver and gold
it don't mean much round here
We don't need much round here
Diamonds Diamonds
And precious metals
We're never worth our fears
Can't buy the time that we're living on
I've been broken
I've been saved
I've gone up to heaven
Never went up past heaven's gates
I've met demons
I've met saints
I've had prized possessions
I've had hell to pay
We were young
We were young
We were unforgiven
Did it all
Did it
We did it our way
Never lost
Never wrong
Cuz I had you with me
Here we are stained & scarred
From our best days
one day one day
We'll all look back and laugh
Call it our wasted years
Blowing up smoke in the rearview mirror
Until that day
We'll run, we'll break, we'll chase our shadows
We don't have much round here
Making it up as we go along
Call us dropout heroes
We're still here tho
Calloused hearts and egos
We made it here alone
Our own way
Track Name: Headshots
Standing underneath
All that i can see
Are Polaroids hanging on your wall
Some you took of me
Scattered in between
First you take your aim
Put it in a frame
You write the date and forget the names
I don't wanna be
Just another piece
All you need
Are Faded memories hung in galleries
No, no release
You Love them then you leave them hanging on
I see Every part of you
Taking over me
All, All I'll be
Is just another headshot you keep
I have been a shrine inside these halls
Your broken heart museum
Another picture on the wall
I you know that I could be your world
Could be the one you're needing
The only picture on your wall
Trouble tryna sleep
It's too hard to breathe
These photographs
Burning in my mind
Let me go
I can't rest in peace (rest in peace)
I wish somebody would come rescue me
This room feels empty
These faces envy
What we've got
What the never had
Snap shots
Of a broken past
Oh you're worth it
Picture perfect
You and me
Let em all see
It's You and me
Hanging like a masterpiece
Track Name: Hit & Run
Wont regret it
Driving around eyes closed
I’m ready
I wanna be the one you want
I gotta be the one you want
Don’t lock me out
This whole city
Never seen anything so pretty
I wanna be the one you need
But every time you look
you see me
Fall down
You got me crazy
I’m so down
You’re so amazing
Slow down
I can’t stop racing
for your love
I can’t keep up

You’ll always be
You’ll always be
who I call
You’ll always be
You’ll always be
who I want
You’ll always be
You’ll always be
who I love
But the one I love
Left me like a
hit & run

Drinking heavy
Driving around eyes closed
She caught me with the 1-2 count
Caught me with the 1-2 count
She knocked me out
Must be kidding
Tore apart this whole damn city
I thought she was the one for me
But every time I look
I see her
Fall down
This girl is crazy
She’s so loud
But so amazing
Slow down
I can’t keep racing
for your love
Cant keep up

Led me on,
cut me off
Riding shotgun
Never even saw her coming
Recklessly driving off
I’ll tell you this
You wont be missed
or will you always
be the one
Track Name: Warrior
When the sun fades out and the sky breaks
Leaving no sign of the road
Out in the cold
When the stars burn out and the earth quakes
We’ve been in this fight all along
Never left standing alone
When the lights rain down in the dark days
Never lose sight of the hope
The battlelines are drawn
& we’re not backing down
We’re standing higher
Our voices screaming loud
We won’t surrender

I’m a Warrior!
From the shadows of fear
To the mountains of glory
I cant be stopped
Til my last breath
You’ll here the sound of a Warrior!

Let the sun black out and the skies grey
We’ll color this night on our own
We’ll take the light wherever we go
Let the stars burn out & the smoke take
The fame & the prizes they hold
The pain is the price for the gold
When the lights rain down on our last days
We’ll never lose sight of the hope
The battlelines have all been crossed
And we’re not hiding now
Our feet on higher ground
Our voices screaming loud
We’re taking over

Oh, in the sky, beyond the night
I see the light
We live to fight another day until we find another way
We will survive, so hold the line
Oh, in the sky, beyond the night
I see the light
For which we fight another day and we don’t need another way
We will survive!
Track Name: Blackbirds
Alright, Alright
All I ever wanted was to
Be liked be right
Seemed like every time I tried to
Break outside
Bottles of blackbirds surround my coffin
Fear of heights
Cover my eyes and I can't see nothin
Alright alright
I don't think it's safe without you
Will I, will I
Will I ever find a way to
Face these lights
Shots in the dark keep me up and running
Scared to fly
Dare me to jump
I'll close my eyes
With open arms held wide
Learn to fall
Tomorrow's cannonball
Thru the night
You'll see my fire, fire, fire!
Stand in line
Watch me burn
As I break free
Alright, alright
Everything I wondered was true
Look at my eyes
They'll tell you everything I've been thru
Sleepless nights
And bottles of blackbirds around my coffin
Fear of heights
Tell me to jump
How can I
Keep holding on
When I realize
I'm hanging by threads all alone
Me, with no one else to count on
Free to fall
Or free to fly
Track Name: Tidal Waves
This undertow
It pulls me in
Waves drown out my cries to heaven
My lungs
Are filling up with every current
That comes my way
Tidal Waves//

Sinking deeper and every swell
Holds me under
Darkness surrounds all I see
As I descend
Floating breathless this emptiness
Holds me under and overtakes
The View
(Reaching out for something)//

This undertow
I’m giving in
Salt dries out my sight of heaven
My cries don’t reach above the surface
Come my way
Tidal Wave//

Take Me Home
Carry On, Carry On
Lost & Gone
All alone
Tidal Waves, Tidal Waves
Coming Home
Carry On, Carry On
Coming Home
Tidal Waves, Tidal Waves//